Awards & Scholarships

Ciara Brown

Major Scholarship 2023

Each year a few students receive awards for their exceptional dedication and behaviour during classes. We also recognise their high potential and growth throughout the year.

Our Major Scholarship winners receive free dance lessons for the year and weekly private coaching with Bec.

Our Minor Scholarship winners receive a discount for their Term Fees.

In 2020 we introduced a new Scholarship for Private Coaching. This is to be used for any private lessons for the student who is entering eisteddfods/competitions. With this scholarship we are aiming to encourage students to work more on their performance qualities and abilities.

The other awards that are given out include:

Encouragement - Most Improved - Star Award - HDS Mum/Dad - Class Award - Ballroom

Here are some of our winners in the past years ...

Major Scholarship
2016 - Bella Butterworth

2017 - Jessica Hamilton

2018 - Kye Groves

2019 - Mackenzie Semmens

2020 - Keira Gardiner

2021 - Emily Greacen

2022 - Millie Howard

2023 - Ciara Brown

Minor Scholarship

2018 - Lara Diffey (Jnr), Ava Howard (Snr)

2019 - Emily Baker (Jnr), Miranda Tucker (Snr)

2020 - Ruby Butterworth (Jnr), Alex Ryan (Snr)

2021 - Millie Howard (Jnr), Savannah Clarke (Snr)

2022 - Amarli Van Deventer (Jnr), Layali Nehme (Snr)

2023 - Macy Hossack

Private Coaching

2021 - Emily Baker

2022 - Violet Smuts

2023 - Ruby Butterworth